Oronmylly, Briefly in English

Welcome to Oronmylly

Oronmylly is a Christian holiday and retreat centre located at Särkisalmi, Parikkala in Eastern Finland, surrounded by high ridges and natural ponds with crystal clear waters.

The unique nature of South Karelia offers outstanding experiences for hikers, skiers, tourists and those who just seek a peaceful escape back to the nature. Oronmylly offers also a good place to stay when you want to visit places of interest in the area.

Come for a day or a longer stay. There are excellent facilities for skiing and hiking, for bird watching or nature photography, etc.

The tranquil surroundings and cosy premises make Oronmylly a wonderful venue for meetings, educational events as well as private parties and events. Our kitchen serves delicious meals and catering for your special events. If you're coming only for a visit and you want to use the restaurant -  please call us and ask if the restaurant is open. Usually we have the restaurant open only when we have events or courses or private parties. 

In the past Oronmylly was a well-known mill in Karelia dating back to around 1650 when it got permission for dam and milling operations. The stream starts from a few hundred meters away from the Heralampi pond. The water springs up from the bottom of the pond. In 1962 Oronmylly became a Christian center when the owner Aate-Pekka Anttonen donated the mill and the surrounding area for the purpose.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the famous spirit of Oronmylly. It means hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, space to breathe.



Contact information:

Oronmyllyn loma- ja kurssikeskus

Oronmyllyntie 250
59310 Särkisalmi



OFFICE, open Mon-Fri 10-14
Bookings and enquiries                                                           

Phone nr. +358 400 793 441          

E-mail: toimisto@oronmylly.fi


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