Oronmylly, Briefly in English

Welcome to Oronmylly!


We arrange various kinds of Christian events throughout the year at Oronmylly holiday and education center. We welcome hikers, campers, individual travelers and groups who require a meal, accommodation or tailored services.

You are welcome to enjoy the well-known Spirit of Oro! It means hospitality, merciful and casual time with space to breathe. In addition to a full setting of spirituality, the kitchen of Oro will serve you delicious meals!

Oronmylly is located in Särkisalmi, Parikkala in Eastern Finland, surrounded by clear watered natural ponds and high ridges. South Karelian unique nature provides outstanding experiences for hikers, skiers, tourists and those who just seek a peaceful escape back to the nature. The tranquil surroundings and cozy premises makes Oronmylly a wonderful venue for meetings, educational and private events.


Oronmylly was a former well-known mill in Karelia and got its permission for dam and milling operations around 1650. The stream starts from a few hundred meters away in the pond of Heralampi with no visible river. The water appears from the springs on the bottom of the pond. Current activities of Oronmylly started in 1962. The mill with the beautiful environment was donated by the owner, Aate-Pekka Anttonen, to spread the Evangelic spirit. The first events were held the following year and Oronmylly was opened for visitors from near and far.